As a part of the development work, Capretto's scientists have published a number of papers within the field of microbicidal lipids: 

Killing of Gram-positive cocci by fatty acids and monoglycerdies
by Bergsson G, Arnfinnsson J, Steingrímsson Ó. and Thormar H. Published in APMIS 109: 670-8, 2001

Inactivation of enveloped viruses and killning of cells by fatty acids and monoglycerides
by Thormar H, Isaacs CE, Brown HR, Barshatzky MR and Pessolano T. Published in Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 31: 27-31, 1987

Development and evaluation of microbicidal hydrogels containing monoglyceride as the active ingredient
by Thórdís Kristmundsdóttir, Sigrídur G. Árnadóttir, Gudmundur Bergsson, Halldór Thormar. Published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 88(10): 1011-1015, 1999

Hydrogels containing monocaprin prevent intravaginal and intracutaneous infections with HSV-2 in mice: Impact on the search for vaginal microbicides

by Johan Neyts, Thordís Kristmundsdóttir, Erik De Clercq, Halldor Thormar. Published in Journal of Medical Virology. 61(1): 107-110, 2000.

The role of microbicidal lipids in host defense against pathogens and their potential as therapeutic agents
by Halldór Thormar & Hilmar Hilmarsson. Published in Chemistry and Physics of Lipids. 150(1): 1-11, 2007.

In vitro killing of Candida albicans by fatty acids and monoglycerides
by Bergsson, G., Arnfinnsson, J., Steingrimsson, O., & Thormar, H. Published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 45(11): 3209-3212, 2001.

Killing of Gram-positive cocci by fatty acids and monoglycerides
by Bergsson, G., Arnfinnsson, J., Steingrimsson, O., & Thormar, H. Published in  APMIS. 109(10): 670-
678, 2001.

Antimicrobial Activity of Lipids Added to Human-Milk, Infant Formula, and Bovine-Milk 
by Isaacs, C. E., Litov, R. E., & Thormar, H. Published in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 6(7): 362-366, 1995.

A study of the clinical activity of a gel combining monocaprin and doxycycline: a novel treatment for herpes labialis
by Skulason, S., Holbrook, W. P., Thormar, H., Gunnarsson, G. B., & Kristmundsdottir, T. Publushed in Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine. 41(1): 61-67, 2012.

Antimicrobial activity of monocaprin: a monoglyceride with potential use as a denture disinfectant 
by Thorgeirsdottir, T. O., Kristmundsdottir, T., Thormar, H., Axelsdottir, I., & Holbrook, W. P. Published in Acta Odontologica Scandinavica. 64(1): 21-26, 2006.